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Who Found a Cure for the Disseminated Sclerosis

Who Found a Cure for the Disseminated Sclerosis

Translated from Russian by our volunteer. Originally published as “Кто придумал лечить рассеянный склероз”
in the «Story» magazine [link:] in July 2016 by Alexander Nikonov

This type of disorders is considered to be incurable. The body suddenly starts destroying itself from the inside – it is called autoimmune aggression. Immune system unexpectedly allows to break myelinic “isolation” of the central nervous system cells. As a result, a person loses their ability to walk and starts using wheelchair; later on, the disease progresses, “killing” other parts of the body. Finally, the patient dies from suffocation: the muscles, responsible for breathing, stop receiving signals as well as the rest of the muscles. During this process, the human, betrayed by his own body, remains fully conscious. There is no rescue from these types of autoimmune aggressions. To be more precise, there was none, until Svetlana Kasatkina hit the ground running. Barely moving people, who start working with Ms. Kasatkina, see incredible progress, and, after a while, start running (in a literal sense).

- Svetlana, let us introduce you to the readers first…

- There is nothing unique in my biography. I was born in 1969; in 1991, I graduated from Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture. Now, I work as a trainer and a teacher. In addition, I am a physical therapist.

- So, you are not a doctor.

- Surely not! Doctors are not able neither to stop, nor to reverse autoimmune processes. Moreover, they will never be able to do that. This is beyond the area of their expertise: when it comes to the autoimmune aggression treatment, another type of knowledge is needed, not the one doctors receive in medical universities. In this case, a knowledge of morphology and physiology is much more valuable, and information could be acquainted only at the PE Universities, as well as through the practical experience – long-term athletic career.
Sport paradigm is the following: all the subsystems, including the nervous ones, can be developed. Therefore, it is possible to start fighting with the disorder, instead of following standard medical recommendations, which tend to slow down autoimmune processes, “kill” a liver and cause tons of other side effects. Disseminated sclerosis damages the myelin sheath, and we strive to boost its reconstruction.

Generally speaking, after receiving the experience in reversing autoimmune processes, I realize that any disease can be stopped. That is because I understand the principle of disorders’ development; there are only three factors, which can cause disorders in a human’s body.

- Could you name them?

- The first one is the body elemental composition distress. The disease starts developing when there are some elements either in abundance or in insufficient quantities. For instance, a lack of zinc or chromium leads to diabetes. Hence, changing diet to overcome a lack of the mentioned elements might be a remedy for diabetes. 

It is easy to do. For instance, if the body lacks cuprum, we look for a highly digestible medicine with cuprum. Even “Supradin” includes cuprum, and if a patient faces acute malnutrition, they can receive a higher dosage by using a drip…

Although, to follow this kind of treatment a person has to take dozens of various tests! Now tell me, which doctor will ask their patient with a high blood sugar to take a broad‑spectrum hair analysis?

- None. They only make a diagnosis: “You have diabetes, and from now on you have to deal with it until you die; here are your medicines to reduce blood sugar levels”. 

- Exactly. Although, this is the case only when there is a lack of something crucial for your normal life. A disease might also be boosted by an excess of some hazardous substances. For instance, carbon monoxide causes damage of the myelin sheath – this is a scientifically established fact. There is a great variety of adversities – pesticides, dioxins, heavy metals… Their cumulative effect in combination with one’s body specificities is able to trigger development of a dreadful disease. This means that to fight a disorder, harmful factors must be eliminated first. To give an example, it is easy to detoxify patient’s body using drips or injections. Let's say, domestic “Unitiol” [very cheap, still efficient Russian medicine] can efficiently detoxify, when injected intramuscular, and it costs nothing. Moreover, a detoxification medicine can be selected for each patient individually – it is possible to identify, whether a medicine will work by testing reactions of a single drop of blood (by seeing the changes of specific proteins concentration in a blood cell). If not, we can find another medicine – there are plenty on the market.

Unfortunately, in a hospital they do not run this sort of “tests on harmfulness” either. Hovewer, if an autoimmune process was triggered by an excess of quicksilver, how is it possible to stop it without even finding out the actual reason of the disorder? There is no way to do that!

- Where does quicksilver come from?!

- For instance, fish is full of it. Because of the ocean pollution, all the fishes, especially large species, contain quicksilver…

Nevertheless, all of the above represents only one disorder trigger – the chemical one. The second reason is the overall physical condition of a person. Physical abilities of people can vary drastically: while someone is able to run 40 km [29.85 miles], another one will not be able to run 200 meters [0.12 miles], and will suffocate while trying to do so. Someone is a professional athlete, who runs himself ragged, striving to break records, while another one is stuck on the couch, constantly filling his stomach with beer and chips. Nevertheless, both individuals have poor health. Good health is somewhere in between: as they say, bind the sack before it be full. There is no point in exerting yourself and striving to become a professional sportsman, as well as in suffering from hypodynamy.

Anyway, I hope, you realize that 99.9% of my clients had nothing to do with professional sports – most of them come from the “couch people” community. Their bodies are so untrained and weakened by the constant need to digest excessive amounts of food that it makes those people extremely prone to a great variety of disorders. Their bodies end up being destroyed. While being school and University students, those people had to attend PE classes, where they were forced to move at least a little bit. Then they started their office jobs, and completely excluded physical activity from their lives. Their bodies started loosing muscles, as they were not needed anymore. Together with muscles, myelin sheaths got weakened: there is no need in sending powerful signals to the muscles anymore, hence, there is no need in the thick isolation.

Any biological structure maintains its functional capacity with respect to the principle of minimal sufficiency. Although, in some cases, a body, after starting the process of breaking myelin sheaths, is not able to stop the degradation.

- Why?

- Does it really matter? It could be a constellation of causes, starting from the genetic predisposition to the lack of necessary chemical elements or the excess of the harmful ones. Our primary goal is to stop the process.

By the way, I many cases there is no need in asking a patient to get tested – it is possible to figure out his internal state by analyzing his responses during our consultation. I ask him: “Where do you come from and what did you do?” Turns out, he has been an engineer at a metallurgical plan for decades, and lives in Chelyabinsk, famous for its precarious environmental conditions. “What is your daily diet?” – I ask. Fish, fish, fish, fish… As a rule, it is tuna – one of the leaders in terms of the quicksilver concentration. “What about the physical activity?” – “None”. Some time ago, he, at least, used to walk to the supermarket, but now he uses a car to reach it as well.

Additionally, it can be quite hard to find a hospital, where they take all the tests needed to detect the roots of a disorder. For instance, dioxins are known for the extremely high toxicity. And now, try to find a place where you could get tested for the dioxins!.. Even if you manage to find it, the needed set of medical tests will cost you thousands of EUR. 

For these reasons, we strive to save money of my clients by following the “Grad” system [A metaphor: found in USSR, “Grad” is a Russian multiple rocket launcher system, which is still considered to be a very effective weapon] – we understand the negative factors that affect modern citizens, and help them to detoxify their bodies using inexpensive and effective medicines. Then, it is necessary to change a diet and start exercising to boost the genetical processes of myelin sheath development.

- What do you mean? 

- The third disorder trigger is genetics… Destruction processes, caused by activity of specific genes, can take place in a human’s body. Then, if the activity of those genes slows down, while other genes get activated and start producing different proteins, hormonal background of the organism changes and other processes – the healing ones – get accelerated. It means that we are able to make the “right” genes work in our muscle cells within a few minutes, by “giving” our bodies a physical activity, suitable to our needs. 

It is of importance to notice that the tissue degeneration can be a consequence of not only the lack of physical activity, but also of its excess – that is the danger of exercises. Hence, by providing patients with customized training schedules, we can take control of one’s body degenerative and recovery processes.

Have you ever seen a productivity graph? A person exercises, and, over time, he gets less productive – gets tired. Then a person takes a rest, and their body starts recovering itself. Each time the body recovers “with an excess”, and this is a primary goal of trainings – to enhance working capacity.

We have to seize the moment of super-compensation and start exercising at this exact moment. Then, after getting tired, the new super-compensation level will be even higher! Although, if you start exercising in a wrong time, you will hurt yourself very badly. That is the danger of trainings, organized by people, who do not know much about sports.

That is why doctors will never be able to cure disseminated sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders – they do not know any training methods, as only professional sportsmen and trainers are able to understand this system. Additionally, doctors are not aware of the fact that it is crucial to change training routine every six weeks, as otherwise a body gets used to the activities and stops developing. Hence, if a patient does not change anything, the “victory over the disorder” effect will be temporary.

- Sports helps to develop muscles. What do myelin sheath have to do with it?

- Any tissues can be developed, so can myelin sheaths of the nerves, which ones autoimmune process damages. The more your muscles work, the stronger gets the signal, which “manages” those muscles; hence, the “isolation” starts developing. Muscles cannot be developed apart from the nervous system: if muscles grow, the “isolation” starts adapting to the needs of one’s body! Therefore, all sportsmen experience not only the growth of muscle mass, but also the thickening of the myelin sheath. Do you understand this process?

- I do. The question is, what will be stronger – the disease, or exercises.

- It depends on a patient. As a rule, people develop disseminated sclerosis between 15 and 40 years old. Sometimes, in case of the aggressive form, by the age of 20, a person is completely paralyzed. Nevertheless, even at this stage it is possible to stop and reverse the degradation process. Could you imagine it?!

- How can a person like this do exercises, if he is not able to move?

- The external drive: you take the patient’s hand and bend it. Over and over again. For hours. Don’t make any conclusions based on the fact that I am so petite: despite weighting only 45 kg [99.2 lbs], I can be very tough. I am a master of sports in marathon [Russian title for athletes], and I can make 5000 squads – it is my personal record. Thanks to my greatest trainers – Vyacheslav Evstratov and Boris Zherlygin – for helping me to achieve these results.
I learned from them a lot about the best methodologies for human body development. I received a great theoretical basis at the University. Nevertheless, these knowledge assets are not comparable with the living practice. Mr. Zherlygin became my trainer when I was a very young and promising athlete, who started facing many health issues because of the extremely high workload: I got some problems with my immune system and with my heart. Doctors highly recommended me to forget about sports. I would have done it, probably, but I was lucky to find a good trainer who turned out to be much better than all my doctors. Our trainings helped me to get back on track and start running marathons and competing on the international level.

- I know Boris Zherlygin personally. How did you join his team?

- He has already been a legendary trainer back then. Many sportsmen with various health issues asked him for help because they did not find doctors’ advices helpful. Mr. Zherlygin, on the other hand, always managed to solve their issues. As an example, there were people whose bodies stopped producing immunoglobulin because of the extreme overtraining. They could produce none! I believe, even for people with HIV/AIDS it is not the case. Doctors did nothing, while my trainer managed to find solutions! He helped me to recover and improve my immune system, as well as my heart.

- Ok, let us go back to the disseminated sclerosis. If I got this right, the disease breaks the “isolation” of nerves, and you are able to reverse this process by helping patients to grow muscles, hence, thickening the “isolation”…

- Exactly. Remember how genes work. There are types of genes, which could destroy the myelin sheath when the organism suffers from the disseminated sclerosis. On the other hand, there are other genes, which are able to grow the myelin sheath. We have to “stop” the first group of genes and “boost” the second one. Normally, a “nerve wire” is covered with up to 300 layers of the myelin “isolation”. The myelin sheath consists of the cells called oligodendrocytes, which use their special appendages to twist the myelin “duct tape” on each nerve. We need to boost this process. Eighty years ago, a famous Russian physiologist Pavlov wrote that an organism is a self-healing system. We only need to create enabling environment for its healing. It is definitely doable.

- Are you able to cure other autoimmune disorders?

- We can cure any autoimmune disorder. They all have the same mechanism: a body starts destroying something vital for itself, hence we only need to reverse this process...

I deal with joints quite often - autoimmune arthritis, as an option. It is possible to see positive changes only after one week of work… It is much more difficult to deal with the type 1 diabetes. Theoretically, it is not hard to cure it, as the solution for this problem is obvious. Although, on practice the process turns out to be way more complicated than disseminated sclerosis, because it is a tougher experience for the diabetes patients. In case of the disseminated sclerosis, patients only need to boost the myelination processes, and then these processes keep on working without any extra “support”… when it comes to the type 1 diabetes, it is crucial not only to exercise at a right time, but also to continuously control blood sugar levels. Otherwise, when the blood sugar level rises above normal, cells in the pancreas get overstrained and destroyed because of that. Let’s say, a child with diabetes dreamed of something while sleeping, hence hormones get boosted and the sugar levels soared – a part of cells got damaged. Type 1 diabetes requires collective efforts of a whole team of specialist, who would be able to track a patient 24/7. Despite of the complicated process, it is still possible to cure this disease.

On the other hand, people do not die because of the type 1 diabetes and arthritis, while disseminated sclerosis is a terminal illness. For this reason, I made an accent on it. Do you know what I dream about? I desire to organize a club of people, who managed to beat disseminated sclerosis. People, who were not able to walk before, but who will be able to participate in races. I already know a few dozens of people like that.

- They say, a person with a dream is a happy person. I wish you a further success in treating disseminated sclerosis.
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